Gleeson Powers Employee Completes Certified Healthcare Constructor Program

Gleeson Powers is proud to announce that Gus Mancini, lead Hospital Project Manager at Gleeson Powers, has recently become a Certified Healthcare Constructor (CHC) Certificate holder. This elite program is offered through the American Hospital Association (AHA). As described by AHA, "CHC is a premier credential based on a sound assessment that provides distinction in an increasingly competitive marketplace".

The program is made up of three components, designed to blend experience and education, including healthcare experience and education requirements, a 115 item certification examination, and a renewal requirement that includes a re-examination and/or continuing education units.

Gus has been with Gleeson Powers for six year, and leads our healthcare division. He has been instrumental to the development of the Life Safety Tracker System, our customized documentation and tracking software for our Fire Barrier Management services. Gus is also a Designated Responsible Individual (DRI) for both the UL Qualifed Firestop Contractor program and the FM Approved Firestop Contractor Program. In 2010, he became a DHI Certified and Intertek Certified Fire Door Inspector after completing the Door and Hardware Institute's Fire Door Assembly Inspection Program (FDAI) and examination.

Gus's latest achievement is another example of Gleeson Powers' commitment to providing the highest quality passive fire protection services to our customers.