Gus Mancini Promoted to Vice President of Healthcare

We are excited to announce that Gus Mancini has been promoted to Vice President of Healthcare & Project Executive. Gus has been an integral part of the Gleeson Powers Team since he joined us in 2006, playing a key role in developing our Fire Barrier Managment Process, which has become a best practice in the Healthcare Industry. He has also played a key role in the development of our Life Safety Tracker System software, marrying his aptidude for "all things technical" with his knowledge of passive fire protection. Gus has exceptional knowledge of the healthcare industry and an ability to connect with facility managers, solving their immediate problems and helping to develop a patch forward for their fire barrier management needs. In addition to managing existing customers, Gus's new role includes increasing GPI's visibility in the healthcare marketplace, growing our customer base, and continuing to assure that Gleeson Powers provides the highest qualty of installation and service and is at the cutting edge of our industry.


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