Fire destroys healthcare building in VA

A fire raged through the Staunton River Medical Center in Hurt, Virginia on Saturday.  The facility was a doctor's office, and the fire has resulted in a total loss.  There were thankfully no injuries.  The Hurt fire department chief said, "The fire just went through it (the building) like burning paper".  He also went on to say that the building was built in 2000, and had no sprinkler or firestop systems installed anywhere in the building. 

This is another example of the need for both active and passive life safety measures in office and medical buildings.  This building included doctor's offices, a rehab center, and medical equipment -- a building like this should have had systems in place to combat a fire and ensure that if there were patients in the building, they had time to get out safely.

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  1. There were thankfully no injuries. The Hurt fire department chief said, medical seo


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